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Post by Saffron Park on Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:45 pm

...and so it's October once again.
For those who are cursed (blessed?) with arcadian fields of nature but not much else, here's an easy trusty old wild-mushroom recipe (originating from northern Italy, with my own barbarian simplifications):

- a good amount of fresh forest mushrooms (porcini, morels, whatever - look up yer handy book to avoid involuntary sui/homicide or the odd shamanistic trip). Slice or tear them at your preferred size, drown them in 200-300 ml of young, dry white wine (I usually use Pinot Gris, but a wry Lambrusco will do even better).
- sautée lightly a medium head of sliced white onions in good olive oil, then add 1-2 ramiro (or any) peppers, thinly sliced. Go on 'till it's "glassy".
- throw in the mushrooms & wine, let it all fizzle away some of the liquids, then add approx. 200 ml of fresh cream, a sprinkle of seasalt, liberal amount of freshly ground peppercorns of any colour, then let it brew to thick & short at low heat (max. 7-10 mins), with the occasional stir. Add some freshly chopped parsley leaves & whatever herbs you fancy 2-3 minutes prior the end, serve with pasta & grated parmesan.

(shit it turned out to be vegetarian, which I'm not. But, as the saying goes, "mushrooms are the meat of the forest".)

Your turn - (I'm dying for a correct rx for gefillte fisch!!!)

(To Kyuu - I'm still looking for the best tongue dish, so hang in there! cat )
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